40 acres in
Tishomingo County, 


per acre:$1,556
closest address:42-178 Co Rd 177, Iuka, MS 38852
contact us:   (256)383-8990


How much is 83 feet? That’s all that keeps Barnett Knob from being the highest peak in Mississippi. Woodall Mountain to the northeast holds that honor, but the views from the top of this property are nonetheless stunning. (Google Barnett Knob for some interesting facts). Don’t let the jargon fool you though, this is still Mississippi so climbing this peak can be done in tennis shoes or on a four wheeler. Park your vehicle and two minutes later you can be at the top. Don’t overlook the incredible stand of timber that you went through to get there either. 31 acres of this property are home to a pine sawtimber stand that boasts impressive heights, size and volume.

So how does this property that has this view, this notoriety, and this timber only sell for $1,556 per acre? The road going into the property crosses three adjacent landowners and there is no written easement. This road has provided access into the property for decades, probably for over a century and the adjacent landowners acknowledge that fact, but since the access is not a recorded easement the price reflects the shortcoming.

Make sure you also check out the 40 acres that joins this property on the west. It is available for sale as well and combined make an 80 acre property we designate it as NRG105. Combining both gives the new owner 80 acres of a truly unique piece of the world.