100.92 acres in
Prentiss County, 
Hills Chapel


per acre:$2,950
closest address:39 Co Rd 3210, Booneville, MS 38829
contact us:   (256)383-8990


Also known locally as the Holley Place, CDM01 is 100 acres of flat agricultural land nestled in the middle of the Big Brown Creek Bottom. Twenty years ago, all of this property was under cultivation when the landowner opted for having the majority of the fields planted in pine. Last year the pines were harvested and the stumps could now be easily removed. With road frontage on County Road 3210 the property also has potential for building sites with water and power available. Pull off of the county road and you enter 14 acres of fields that are currently in hay production. Continue along the field road and you will enter the area recently harvested. Take note of the existing ditch system. Big Brown Creek forms much of the property’s eastern boundary and was full of wood ducks on one of our recent visits.

With so many acres of the adjacent farmer’s land in crop production, local wildlife has plenty of food to keep them healthy, but just in case they need to be enticed, there are three established green fields on CDM01 that serve them quite well.