264 acres in
Tippah County, 
Hopkins Cemetery


per acre:$1,200
closest address:Co Rd 409, Falkner, MS 38629
contact us:   (256)383-8990
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Recreation: This property is adjacent to the Holly Springs National Forest (HSNF), which complements the wonderful recreational opportunities on the property for sale. Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, horseback riding, & cycling can all be enjoyed with the purchase of this property.
Wildlife / Hunting: Numerous wildlife openings on BMP01a make excellent locations to manage, attract, hold, and grow healthy populations of whitetail deer and eastern wild turkey.
Location / Access: Excellent exterior access is provided via County Road 409 & Hopkins Cemetery Road and great interior access is provided by a vast network of interior woods roads and trails.
Timber: Numerous roads, rolling topography, and well drained soils make this an ideal site for winter logging, which is value added when selling to the area's wood using facilities. A diverse mix of hardwood and pine diversify this timber investment and allows for many management options.
Potential Lake Sites: The topography on this property sets up well for several potential lake sites; however, no guarantee of this property's suitability for a lake is made by Seller or Broker.