As a Broker representing a Buyer, the Natural Resources Group uses its experience in real estate and forest management to assess timberland that is for sale, and negotiate the best terms possible for our buyers.

Arriving at an accurate evaluation of the timberland involves ...

Mapping the property accurately
to show boundaries and location.
Assessing strengths and weaknesses
regarding access, topography, soils, and proximity to markets and amenities.
Estimating the value of the bare land
by looking at known current sales of timberland that are similar to the property being examined.
Evaluating the timber
by looking at volume, size, species, and product distribution. Market values are applied to the volumes to get an estimate.
For young, pre-merchantable regeneration, the stocking levels and growth and yields are modeled to arrive at an estimate of projected revenues.

Satellite imagery, aerial photography, GPS and GIS technology, and modeling software may all be used in the process.

Our evaluation of the property is not an appraisal; it is a forester's analysis of timber revenues combined with a broker's opinion of bare land value. We can recommend several appraisers if one is necessary.

We know the importance of our assessment because we are often asked by our buyers to manage their timberland after a purchase. (For our land management services, visit the GROWING ASSETS website at Our estimates and projections are not guarantees of how a timberland investment will perform, and actual returns and revenues may vary from our estimates, but we are confident that our experience and knowledge of the timberland investment allows us to give a buyer competent information upon which to make informed purchasing decisions.